Tips for using the boat


We do not, in the course of these few pages, pretend to teach you the use of a boat and its equipment, we have, however, tried to underline the points that seem important to us.

These pages are intended  for the new owner with limited experience.

We have described the use of standard equipment, with each boat of course having its own equipment whose use may be different. We do not address the use of electronics which is very different from one equipment to another.

The engine and its equipment – maneuvers
Sailing under sail
At Anchor: The Windlass the Dinghy and its Motor
Comfort Equipment: fresh water – cold…


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The market ahead of the 2023-2024 season

We are facing a very difficult market situation. The number of boats for sale is constantly increasing, and prices are still very high. Prices asked

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Over the last few years, we’ve experienced an exceptional situation that has deeply changed the market. I’ve been in the boating business for over 30