Departure port for Grenadines

Our office is located in the south east part of Martinique at the harbor of Le Marin. It is the largest Marina for pleasure boats in the Caribbean. The marina of Le Marin is a recent port that has become one of the most important technical bases in the Caribbean

Le Marin is the last port before the Grenadines. 1 day sailing and you are in the middle of the Grenadines (Bequia or Union)

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1 day of sailing
and you are in the middle of the Grenadines

(Union or Bequia)

Marina - Le Marin Martinique

New office to serve you better

Carribean Yachts office is now located inside of the brand new Port du Marin buildings. Closed from the Harbour Office, right behind AMEL Office

Tel : 05 96 74 16 70
Fax : 05 96 74 16 71
GSM : 06 96 23 43 28

Martinique is a French Island

A safe French environment, European laws, hospitals, roads. Proximity to an International Airport from where many flights depart and arrive. 

Martinique is easily accessible by air:

Proximité d'un Aéroport International - Caraibe Yacht

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