Marine weather in the Caribbean


The weather conditions in the Caribbean are relatively constant, the West Indies are located in the Trade Winds zone, winds that are generally regular and rarely exceed Force 6.

The trade winds blow from the East, bending according to the time of year from the NE (November – May) to the SE (June – October). They are more regular and cooler between December and May.

There are no gales outside the cyclone period, which makes sailing easier. However, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the “squalls” under which the wind can strengthen to the point of reducing the sail, these squalls are very characterized by their cloudy mass.

The weather forecast is broadcasted every morning in the French zone on VHF, you will also find the bulletins in all the ports.

During the cyclonic period (July-October) it is important to follow the weather  forecasts as the situation can change. 

Weather on the Internet.

It is preferable to read the English language to be able to have a free and serious marine weather on the Caribbean area, we have selected some useful links to be able to follow the weather, especially in hurricane area:


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