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Many of our clients have limited experience,
(one third of the boats we sell are to people who have never actually sailed), however it can work out very well, we have dozens of examples of customers with no previous experience who after a few months are safely sailing along the Caribbean.

If you have never sailed before, you will of course have to go through a learning phase, our islands are perfectly suited to this, you will, if possible do a sailing course, then you will take on board a Skipper who will complete your training.

Finally, you will continue on your boat yourself, not forgetting of course, all the elementary rules of caution.

Don’t forget that experience is not counted in years, but in nautical miles sailed, and after a full season in the Caribbean, your experience will be as long as that of many boaters after 10 years!!!  (whose experience is generally 1 to 2 weeks per year, in the middle of summer)

The program

There are no miracle recipes, and the success of cruises often depends on impalpable parameters: Magic of a place, weather conditions, good understanding between passengers…

However, it is certain that there are very sure ways to make a program fail:

  • A total lack of preparation on the part of the crew can contribute to breakdowns or incidents that will spoil the most beautiful projects. It is also important to know how to adapt the program to the conditions and the crew.
  • You’ll need to know how to adapt the program to the conditions and the crew.

Don’t overdo it, intersperse long and short legs, take advice, and know how to postpone a departure until the next day if conditions are not favorable.

These few pages have no other objective than to share with you a part of our experiences regarding sailing in the West Indies, they are addressed as much to the future buyer as to the next tenant. Your remarks will of course be considered.

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